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‘Firmament No. 1’: A promising new literary magazine from Sublunary Editions – Wednesday March 31, 2021

When studying literature, especially at the undergraduate level, we often find ourselves reading “big” works: important novels, poetry books and short story collections. We strive to situate ourselves in the center in order to ascertain an overall understanding of an author’s oeuvre or an artistic movement. It is rarer to find occasion to consider the smaller things — fragments, incomplete manuscripts and works that have been lost or disregarded by those who construct the canon. 

But the fragmentary and the fleeting have always been instrumental in developing literary movements (one must think of the proliferation of the “little magazines” during European avant-gardism at the start of the twentieth century) and should not be pushed aside. Sublunary Editions, an independent press founded in 2019, focuses exclusively on publishing brief works of literature. Its catalog contains innovative texts both new and old, and often translated from other languages into English, by authors such as Rainer Maria Rilke, Christina Tudor-Sideri, Thomas Pilaster, Osvaldo Lamborghini and Pierre Senges. 

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